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📊 Ansell Limited is a health and safety protection solutions company. Its portfolio offers a wide selection of products. The company serves more than 25 industries in more than 100 countries across North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. More than 10 million workers across the globe makes use of its products each day and it manufactures nearly 10 billion gloves annually.

📊 The company’s Healthcare division is a manufacturer of surgical, clean and sterile, examination and single-use gloves and garments. These are offered to life science, healthcare and industrial markets such as hospitals, laboratories, chemical plants, veterinary clinics, pharmaceutical companies and first responders.

📊 The industrial division manufactures high-performance hand and body products used in industrial operations such as machinery and equipment, mining, chemical, food, automotive, construction as well as oil and gas markets.

📊 Ansell Limited employs approximately 12 500 employees and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.


  • The company is founded in 1899 when Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company of the United Kingdom opens a branch in Australia. It is named Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company of Australasia Ltd and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

  • It is renamed Dunlop Rubber Company of Australasia Ltd in 1906. In 1929 it merges with Perdriau Rubber Company and changes its name to Dunlop Perdriau Ltd and primarily supplies automobile tyres. During the years the company expands its product portfolio and by 1948 it offers a variety of rubber products such as footwear. In 1967 Dunlop Perdriau changes its name to Dunlop Australia.

  • In 1969 Dunlop Australia buys Ansell Rubber Company. It is founded by Eric Norman Ansell in 1929, a former worker of Dunlop Rubber Company of Australasia. Ansell Rubber company originally develops condoms and soon expands to produce gas masks, weather balloons and disposable latex gloves.

  • Dunlop Australia buys one of its competitors that would later be named Pacific Dunlop. It enters into a joint venture with Goodyear Tire in 1986.

  • Pacific Dunlop starts producing batteries, food, healthcare products and clothing.

  • By the 1990’s it has expanded to 20 countries and is one of the top 20 largest Australian companies. In 2002 the company is named Ansell Limited. Through the years it purchases several more businesses and grows considerably.


  • Ansell Limited values its community, environment, shareholders, customers and employees. It acts responsibly, with integrity and ethical standards. Customers are offered diversified, quality products at affordable prices.
  • The company operates sustainably and ensures the health and safety of its employees and surrounding communities.
  • Ansell Limited contributes to organizations in its local communities with charitable funds and volunteer efforts.
  • The company is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint by reducing the use of energy and water, as well as reducing waste and emissions in its facilities.


  • Ansell Limited trades on the Australian Securities Exchange under the ASX stock symbol ANN.

  • Data analysis for the company’s annual results for the year ending 30 June 2019 reports a sales revenue from continuing operations of US$ 1,499.0 million.

  • EBIT is US$ 202.8 million. Profit for the period attributable to Ansell shareholders is US$ 150.9 million. Profit from continuing operations is US$ 113.1 million.

  • Total comprehensive income for the period is US$ 96.4 million. Total assets are US$ 2,376.9 million. Basic earnings are 82.6 US cents and diluted earnings are 81.2 US cents. Dividends are 46.75 US cents.

Buy ANSELL stocks / shares – 📈 A Step by Step Guide how to Buy / Purchase ANSELL Stocks or Shares online.

Before buying any stock or share one has to consider a few factors.


Upon deciding you want to buy ANSELL Stocks / Shares, it is critical for the serious investor to do proper research into the said company. Its values should align with those of the investor’s current portfolio. An investor needs to familiarise himself with the basics and history of the company, as well as its leadership and performance in the market. Its company reports should also be scrutinized.

Consultation with a brokerage firm can also assist in determining whether investing in a specific company will complement the investor’s current portfolio. The investment “risk ladder”, which identifies asset classes based on their relative riskiness, is another useful tool when determining which company’s stock / share is the best to buy.


It is important for an investor to monitor his total investment in stock in order to keep his portfolio aligned to his investment strategy. The overall value of his holdings will change with the fluctuation in stock prices, which can throw his portfolio off balance. To determine the amount to invest, multiply the number of shares of each stock by its current market price to determine the total investment in that specific stock. For example, if you own 100 shares of a $5 stock, multiply 100 by $5 to get $500.


Investors can choose from a market order, a limit order, a stop order (also referred to as a stop-loss order) or a buy/sell stop order. It is important to familiarise yourself with each type’s pros and cons before deciding which one will suit your current stock profile best. An investor should be guided in this choice by his investment objective.


A brokerage account – also known as taxable investment account – is similar to a retirement account, but more flexible. Where a retirement account has limitations on the amount of money that can be contributed annually, and restrictions on when funds can be withdrawn, a brokerage account is more flexible. The latter has no income or contribution limit and the investor can withdraw his money at any given time. This flexibility, together with its potential investment gains, makes a brokerage account more attractive to serious investors. Brokerage accounts are ideal for goals or savings that are further than five years away, but closer than retirement. It can also supplement an investor’s emergency savings.


Lastly, commit to the stock. Pro Tip: Monitor the value of your stock to ensure you have a growing stock value and dividend pay-out.  Regularly check the share price online to ensure your investment delivers a positive return on investment. You are now a proud owner of ANSELL stocks / shares.

5 Questions to ask yourself before purchasing any stocks or shares.

  1. Is it the best time to buy this stock / share?
  2. Should I buy ANSELL stocks / shares in the current economic climate?
  3. Can I afford to buy this stock / share?
  4. What is the forecast of the stock / share growth?
  5. What is the current price per earning ration on the stock / share?


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