27 of The Best Gadgets

Best Gadgets

27 of the best gadgets

As technology keeps improving every single day, so do the gadgets. If you’re searching for fun or business, we have compiled a list of smart gadgets that won’t disappoint. From a smart vacuum cleaner, portable telescope, to a lock that is controlled by your smartphone or even your own automated vegetable growing garden, here are 27 gadgets for you to explore.


Best gadgets Click and Grow Smart Garden 9Click and Grow Smart Garden 9

Perfect for those with green thumbs

  • Click & Grow
  • Automated watering, light and nutrients
  • Complimentary set of 3x plant pods
  • Integrated mobile application
  • Pesticide free

The Smart garden is a prefect little device that assists anyone with growing indoor plants. Whether you naturally have a green thumb or have no idea how to grow plants, this nifty gadget does it all for you. The Smart Garden 9 keeps plants watered, gives them light and adds nutrients autonomously. This takes away the tedious effort of growing plants if you just can’t seem to get them going or keep them healthy.

  • Comes standard with a basic kit
  • Several options of growable plants
  • Extremely positive reviews
  • Priced at $199.95
Pros Cons
Starter kit included High price range
Replacement warranty guarantee
Positive reviews  


There are several different types of plants that can be grown with ease when you use this awesome device. A basic kit comes standard to help people start growing straight away and customers have expressed extremely positive reviews about its quality and reliability. If you’re interested in growing indoor plants without the fuss, this gadget is for you.


Best gadgets DodowDodow

Sleep aid perfect for those who have trouble falling asleep

  • Designed to quickly soothe your brain activity
  • Light metronome re-educates your brain to fall asleep
  • Instantly improves natural sleeping habits

Do you perhaps suffer from insomnia or restless sleep? The Dodow sleep aid is a great little device that helps you fall asleep. It essentially acts as a nightlight that’s proven to help you fall asleep 2,5 times faster. A blue light appears on the ceiling and you are requested to gently synchronise your breathing by inhaling and exhaling when the light expands.

At the end of the exercise, Dodow powers itself down after which you’ll be in the ideal body state to fall asleep naturally.

  • All in one solution inspired by behavioural therapy, yoga and meditation
  • Calming blue light with no side effects
  • Portable
  • Dimmable Light
  • Priced at $59.00
Pros Cons
Helps you regain your sleep schedule Some might consider the price a bit high
Metronome-like effect helps your brain focus on one thing, helping you calm down Brightness is on the lower side
Auto-shutdown and uses AAA Batteries Projection angle can’t be adjusted


This device is wonderful as long as you concentrate on the light and let all of your thoughts and worries go. Dodow’s main goal with this product is to rebalance the autonomic nervous system so you can leave the alert state faster and go into a normal resting start. This is a fantastic option for those who can’t seem to get any peaceful sleep and has no side effects.


Best gadgets LotusGrill Charcoal Grill SeriesLotusGrill Charcoal Grill Series

Compact smokeless BBQ Grill

  • LotusGrill
  • Grill ready in 3 minutes
  • Smoke free
  • Made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Dishwasher safe

This battery-operated charcoal grill comes standard with a double-walled bowl, stainless steel inner bowl, ignition plate, charcoal container, lid, and the grill top. Essentially, the chamber lid prevents the juices from dripping onto the charcoal, which causes smoke. The outer bowl stays at a cool temperature, so you can basically put the grill on pretty much any surface.

  • Double walled outer shell stays cool and never gets too hot
  • Bellows effect
  • Takes four AA batteries
  • Priced at $224
Pros Cons
Positive reviews Can be difficult to clean
Incredibly portable Uses hardwood charcoal over briquettes
Wonderful for quick grilled foods Food can sometimes take a longer time to cook compared to other grills

This grill is perfect for anyone who would like to grill food quickly and easily, without the hassle of lighting a charcoal fire with all the smoke and effort. It still produces some smoke though, so if you are using it indoors consider grilling foods in a well-ventilated area.


Best gadgets Philips Series 9000 Electric ShaverPhilips Series 9000 Electric Shaver

One of the best electric razors on the market

  • Philips
  • Branded as the ultimate shaving experience
  • GyroFlex 3D system
  • UltraTrack heads

While this isn’t strictly a gadget, this top-notch shaving razor earns the title of Best Gadget because it uses some great tech to make the shaver whisper quiet. It was built with Philips’ GyroFlex 3D system, using advanced technology which essentially adjusts itself to every curve on your face, minimizing pressure and irritation on your skin as much as possible.

Besides being whisper quiet, its dual blade system lifts hairs to cut them comfortably below skin level for a closer shave.

  • 60 minutes cordless usage with a one-hour charge time
  • Speed XL Shaving heads
  • Skin friendly precision trimming
  • Priced at $439.00
Pros Cons
Whisper-quite No Head guard
Lightweight Doesn’t come with a stand if you don’t buy the cleaning station
Extremely close shave Trimmer not integrated

One of the best things about this electric shaver is that it was designed to be as quiet as possible, while still giving the best possible solution for an extremely close shave. With excellent battery life and technology built in to map the curves and edges of your face, this is one of the best nifty devices a man could ask for.


Best gadgets Master Lock Select Access key safeMaster Lock Select Access key safe

Home security and code-protected key safe

  • Master Lock
  • Weather resistant zinc outer shell
  • Shutter door to protect your combination dials from rust, dirt and grime
  • Easy-to-use four-digit combination lock system
  • Easy installation

Rather than hiding your keys under your doormat or pot plants for your relatives to find, you can simply lock them away in a code-protected safe. Created by global security manufacturer Masterlock, plenty of research and a lot of effort was put into the development of this awesome safe.

Setting your combination on the Masterlock safe is extremely simple and quick, all you need to do is pull the black shutter door down to reveal the four-digit combination dials and the safe comes standard with a factory-set combination code of 0000.

  • Reinforced body
  • Lightweight, weighing – 0.4kg
  • Large storage compartment capable of holding up to five keys
  • Priced at $104.07
Pros Cons
Competitively priced with exceptional build quality As with all key safes there is no universal security standard
Weather resistant with rustproof aluminium body It will withstand large amounts of abuse but not a violent attack
Very simple and easy to install

Primarily designed for indoor and outdoor use, the wall mount lock is best used for key and access card storage. Its large internal storage space allows secure storage for multiple keys. It also comes with a free iOS and Android lock App designed for personal use, supporting up to 10 locks.

This is the perfect option for someone who needs to store keys and access cards in a secure weather-protected environment.


Best gadgets Pocketalk TranslatorPocketalk Translator

Translation handheld device

  • Simple to use
  • Choose from a huge range of language options
  • Speech directly translated into chosen language
  • Conversation partner can use second button to reply
  • Fantastic pronunciation

The Pocketalk translator is a simple to use and accurate device designed purely for the assistance in the translation of multiple languages. Unlike most handheld translator devices, the Pocketalk comes standard with a global SIM card, which means it can essentially be used all over the world.

This device supports up to 74 different languages and provides both text and speech output. Its design is compact, has an oval shape and fits nearly in the palm of your hand. It runs on a custom-built OS based on Android and features dual microphones with noise-cancellation for two-way conversations.

  • 74 language support
  • Text and speech output
  • Charged via USB cable
  • Priced at $299.00
Pros Cons
Comfortable to hold More expensive than other devices
Translation is fast and accurate On-screen keyboard can sometimes be fiddly
Intuitive to use

Break down the barriers of language with the Pocketalk, whether you’re traveling on a business trip or for pleasure, this device is a big help enabling you to hold conversations in multiple languages. However, it’s a bit pricey, so make sure it covers the languages you require before going ahead with the purchase.


Best gadgets Fitbit Alta HRFitbit Alta HR

Best fitness tracker

  • Fitbit
  • Stylish design heart rate monitor
  • Monitor sleep patterns
  • Activity reminder prompts
  • Caller ID and able to read texts

The Alta HR is a stylish heart rate monitor that consistently gets great reviews; it was designed to help you get fitter, lose weight, and monitor sleep patterns to help you become healthier and more active in your everyday life. You get the features of core steps, distance, calory intake and sleep measurements, with automatic exercise recognition functionality.

  • Able to swap straps whenever you like
  • Able to track improved fitness statistics
  • Assistance with calory burning
  • Informative display
  • Priced ranges from $79.00 – $219.00
Pros Cons
Quality grade sleep tracking Not Waterproof
Floors climbed tracking No guided breathing sensors
Excellent battery life Does not have a timer

Overall, the Fitbit HR is undoubtably one of the best and most comfortable fitness trackers that comes with a heartrate monitor. It is slender, fashionable and assists your work out routine perfectly; providing accurate heart rate monitor functions, especially for more serious athletes.


Best gadgets Jelly Comb folding Bluetooth keyboardJelly Comb folding Bluetooth keyboard

Perfect pocket friendly wireless foldable keyboard

  • Jelly Comb
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Easy simple pairing
  • Conventionally portable
  • Scissor-switch keys

If you spend most of your time working on your device, either writing or anything else that requires copious amounts of typing, why not make your life a little easier with the Jelly comb folding Bluetooth keyboard! It’s extremely lightweight and compatible with most modern devices out there.

Great for vacations, travel and overall typing: the main goal here is to optimize your productivity while keeping you comfortable. It features exceptional battery time and can be used with mobile devices, tablets and comes standard with a touchpad.

  • Aircraft-grade materials able to withstand most falls
  • Windows, iOS and Android compatible
  • 48 Hours of writing time
  • Priced at $29.99
Pros Cons
Reasonable price tag Display clarity might be disappointing to some
Tiny and sleek design while being foldable Sometimes two motion finger strokes can resize screen
Great simple controls with good battery life Price might be high for some people

This gadget is an excellent option for someone looking for a portable wireless keyboard or if you are traveling light without a laptop, this keyboard works wonders as a replacement with your smartphone or tablet.

It has an elegant premium black leather exterior that gently snaps shut at the end of use with a magnetic closure. Pairing devices is seamless and easy. Once charging is finished, it also syncs with your Bluetooth device with one press of a button.


Best gadgets Amazon Echo Studio Smart SpeakerAmazon Echo Studio Smart Speaker

Alexa-powered smart speaker for your everyday needs

  • Amazon
  • 5-speaker Immersive sound set up
  • Ready to assist with any tasks
  • Voice controlled music
  • Adaptation to any room
  • Built-in smart home hub

The Amazon Echo smart speaker is not only one of the best quality speakers, but a smart speaker you can instruct verbally. All the commands received by this device are vocal, for example if you wanted to connect your devices you would say “Alexa, discover my devices”. Alexa will automatically detect and set them up so you can control lights, plugs and more just with your voice.

Fit with multiple upgrades of internals, this smart speaker produces immersive, directional audio from five strategically positioned audio drives. You can stream your favourite song, album, genre or artist through Amazon music, Apple music, Spotify, Pandora and many more. Smart home control

  • Designed to protect your privacy
  • Easy set-up and use
  • Compatible with iOS 11 or later and Android 5.1 or later
  • Priced at $199.99
Pros Cons
Exceptional audio quality Rather large in size
Supports a wide variety of music streaming services 3D music is more of a demo currently
Automatically adjusts audio

Overall, the Echo smart speaker is a very powerful, feature-packed smart speaker that can help your experiences with smart devices in your home an interesting one. A superb feature of this smart speaker is that it works with Dolby Atmos to give you the most accurate and high-quality audio experience, all in one neat and tidy package. Its appearance is elegant and simple.


Best gadgets Spot X two-way satellite messengerSpot X two-way satellite messenger

Perfect for outdoor adventurers

  • Spot X
  • Send and receive messages and short emails
  • SOS: direct two-way emergency communication
  • GPS Tracking

Designed by the brand Spot, the Spot X is a very small handheld utility device that sends SOS messages from almost anywhere. The brand has also stated that this product has assisted with around 6000 search and rescue operations around the globe.

It’s essentially a powerful satellite communication device with features and capabilities that keep it at the top of its market. Through both GPS satellites and the Globalstar network the Spot X is always connected, it doesn’t need cell service and it should work from nearly any location. You will need to make sure the sky is clear for optimal connectivity.

  • Check-in feature (Users can let contacts know they are OK with the simple push of a button)
  • Social media inter-connectivity allows you to link your adventures on Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Built-in compass and programmable waypoints
  • Easy to use illuminated keyboard
  • Priced at $250.00
Pros Cons
Send and receive messages all around the world Antenna needs to be positioned straight up
Check-in feature is a great emergency fail-safe and has saved lives Time to send and receive messages vary on weather conditions and could be slow
SOS emergency communication with SAR teams No confirmation on sent messages

This nifty device is a must have for all those outdoor adventurers out there. If you enjoy traveling to remote locations out in nature, the Spot X could save your life if you have any trouble; regardless of your location.


Best gadgets Kindle OasisKindle Oasis

Best e-reader on the market

  • Amazon
  • 7-inch diagonal display
  • Connects to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE
  • Up to six weeks single charge battery life

The Kindle Oasis is still a must-have device for anyone who would like to spend time reading while traveling, no matter where you are. This e-reader is unparalleled with any other e-reader in its category.

Also, if you love reading in the bath, the Oasis can be subjected to some amounts of water. While it shouldn’t be exposed to large amounts of water, it can handle a few drops of rain on the screen or even a splash in the pool.

  • 8GB, 32GB storage
  • Aluminium backplate
  • Withstands submersion in up to two meters of water
  • Priced at $249.99 – $299.99
Pros Cons
Waterproof Relatively high price tag
Fantastic reading experience No headphone jack
Exceptional Battery life Can’t use audible narration while reading

Amazon’s thinnest kindle yet, besides being a fantastic e-reader it also looks great, is lightweight and comes with some awesome leather covers. You can purchase a variety of different water-safe fabric covers in colours such as Punch red or Marine Blue.

It’s also extremely user friendly, if you have used any previous e-readers or kindle devices, handling the Oasis should be extremely easy and straight forward. If you’re considering going on a long trip and you enjoy reading, this is one of the most premium choices you can buy.


Best gadgets Skyroam Solis X Wi-Fi SmartspotSkyroam Solis X Wi-Fi Smartspot

Best Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

  • Skyroam
  • Remote 8Mp wide angel camera
  • Share on up to 10 devices
  • Fully customizable smart assistant
  • Supports 4G LTE Wi-Fi

The Skyroams Solis comes equipped with virtual Sim (VSIM) technology which connects in over 130+ countries and can share its connection with up to 10 different devices. The device has 4G LTE speeds across a wide range of global frequency bands.

It comes with an 8MP remote camera with a flash, wide angle view and self-timer; giving you the option to record, monitor and livestream any content you wish on the fly. There’s also a smart assistant which is powered by built-in GPS and IFTTT, so users can control or automate apps and services from the Solis App and smart spot with the simple push of a button.

  • Power Bank supports a 4700mAh Battery
  • Fits neatly into your pocket
  • Handy and extremely practical
  • Priced at $179.99 for the device, data rates don’t apply
Pros Cons
Exceptional Battery Life Larger size than most competing products
Easy to use with great colours Only one charging port for traveling
Camera is a fun feature Data usage could be high speeds drop depending on plan and rates

Overall, the Skyroam Solis is a solid, long lasting practical Wi-Fi hotspot to be used either at work, in the car on a long drive or just outdoors. It’s priceless for international family travel or frequent business-leisure travellers – it works anywhere in the world. The company also rents these devices out if you are going on a trip but do not wish to purchase one.


Best gadgets Amazon Echo Show 5Amazon Echo Show 5

Best smart clock

  • Amazon
  • Compact 5.5-inch smart display
  • Manage your calendar
  • Watch movies, news and TV shows
  • Voice control with Alexa support

A smaller, sleeker Alexa smart display with fantastic features that makes it one of the best smart clocks around today. It comes with an awesome sunrise alarm, a tap-to-snooze button and an ambient light sensor.

There’s even a camera shutter to help take away any privacy concerns some people might have with the device. It has a fantastic smart display and excellent sound quality. Smart home controls

  • Integrated how to videos makes it easy to use
  • Smart assistant
  • Priced at $69.99
Pros Cons
Sunrise alarm with great sound quality Having a camera by your beside discourages some people
Bright, colourful touchscreen display Google nest hub might be better at showcasing your pictures
Reasonably affordable price No support for any Google services

On sale for $69.99 this handy little device comes with a variety of features, such as the Alexa voice assistant, watching episodes on Amazon prime video, reading e-books and having a cool custom alarm clock that can display your pictures on your bedside table.


Best gadgets Polar Vantage VPolar Vantage V

Best go-to running watch

  • Polar
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Ultimate training platform
  • Electronic skin-contact sensor
  • Colour touchscreen
  • GPS tracking

Designed by Polar the Vantage V is one of the best multisport watches around. It comes equipped with optical heart rate sensors and features to help you optimize your exercise routines. The buttons on the touchscreen are simple to use and the strap is comfortable with quick release straps.

You can monitor a range of metrics, such as distance, with the polar flow desktop or mobile app. With the app you can see steps, distance and the ability to monitor your entire day from an activity standpoint. Your heartrate will be monitored and sent straight to the app, and it also has a sleep tracking feature, perfect for athletes.

  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Smart Bluetooth features
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Priced at $488.39
Pros Cons
Convenient all-in-one solution Not accurate in sports that require vigorous hand movements
Quickly check your heartrate at anytime Limited access to measure heartrate through dark or tattooed skin
Vary reliable in many different sports More likely to be worn incorrectly, too tight or not tight enough

With all the features included in this nifty little smartwatch, some might find the price to be slightly discouraging, but if you are an athlete and would like to get accurate measurements of your daily exercise routines this is one of the best smartwatches currently on the market.


Best gadgets Bose Audio SunglassesBose Audio Sunglasses

Best Audio Sunglasses – protection against UV light, can answer calls and play music via Bluetooth

  • Bose
  • Light and Stylish
  • Integrated Bluetooth and Speakers
  • Supports six AR apps

With the appearance of ordinary sunglasses and the ability to answer calls and play music, comes audio sunglasses by Bose. These sunglasses are a great novelty for anyone looking at an alternative pair of sunglasses to wear during the summer.

The idea behind these sunglasses is that it’s a gadget that combines your sunglasses with headphones with built in speakers that are pointed towards your ears. This means you’re able to keep your ears and head free of anything except your pair of sunglasses; still having the ability to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks and even answer phone calls.

  • Slick design, you might have to look twice before noticing these aren’t ordinary sunglasses
  • Fantastic novelty factor
  • Priced at $199.95
Pros Cons
Great design, lightweight and stylish No charging case
Bluetooth connectivity No way to monitor battery life
Novelty Average battery life

Overall, this is a great option for anyone who spends most of their time either outdoors or driving long distances. As a driver these sunglasses can be extremely useful as they do provide the traditional use of sunglasses with the added edge of technology.

They don’t exactly suit city use, and they’re not all that suitable for public transport, however, if you’re looking for a fun device that’s a bit different to anything else then these glasses might just be a fantastic novelty option for you.


Best gadgets Vaonis Stellina portable smart telescopeVaonis Stellina portable smart telescope

Best gadget smart telescope – perfect for stargazers

  • Vaonis Stellina
  • Choose from a catalogue of over a hundred celestial objects
  • Connects with up to 20 mobile devices
  • Extremely precise tracking, very easy to use

This smart telescope is a telescope without an eyepiece, modelled on professional remote observatories and developed by experts. The Vaonis Stellina telescope is the worlds first “smart” telescope.

Basically, the user chooses a target on the app either a galaxy, nebula, star cluster, planet or moon. The Stellina then points towards its direction, digitally focuses on it, and presents an image in the app. You can then study it, save it, or share it on twitter.

  • 400mm focal length
  • 4MP
  • 3086 x 2076 Pixels
  • 10,000mAh Battery
  • Priced at $3,999.00
Pros Cons
Simple and easy to use Expensive
Incredible with faint objects Unreliable Wi-Fi
Built-in light pollution filter Kills user’s night vision

Overall, the performance of this telescope is fantastic, it’s best operated when standing next to it, to ensure a steady Wi-Fi connection and a good view of drifting clouds. It’s capable of capturing superb images that you would struggle to get from any other kind of telescope especially from a light-polluted city. This device effortlessly shows you the night sky and is a perfect choice for anyone interested in astronomy.


Best gadgets Samsung Galaxy WatchSamsung Galaxy Watch

One of the best Smartwatches to buy

  • Samsung
  • Receive Calls and check messages with LTE connection
  • Progress tracking
  • Fantastic appearance
  • Water resistant

This sleek looking and stylish watch is Samsung’s most refined and updated smartwatch to date, it’s equipped with a helpful fitness tracker and a great four-day battery life, but only if you opt in to get the larger 46mm model.

The Galaxy watch comes with an attractive design, simple and cohesive user interface and most importantly it’s handsfree; allowing you to take phone calls and reply to messages on the fly.

  • Two sizes 42mm or 46mm comes in Rose Gold, Midnight Black and Silver
  • Easy to use User interface with rotating bezel
  • Supports 4G connectivity
  • Priced at $312.00 46mm, $189.00 42mm
Pros Cons
Fantastic battery life No Google Maps, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger
Well-designed software and aesthetics Proprietary wireless charger
Smart display with rotating bezel easy to access user interface LTE Model costs extra

Overall, as one of the main competitors to the Apple watch the Galaxy watch features some great fitness tracking features and easily pairs with both Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth. This watch is best for Samsung fans because even though it works with iOS, support is limited; so, if you’re a Samsung fan this awesome smartwatch is a great purchase to buy.


Best gadgets Valve IndexValve Index

Best Next-Generation VR headset

  • Valve
  • Integrated headphones with off-ear design
  • Head size adjustment wheel
  • Eye relief and IPD slider
  • Dual 1440×1600 Displays up to 144hz refresh rate

Valve is one of the most popular and renowned gaming companies out there today, pioneering VR as we know it, they have designed a high-quality sophisticated VR headset known as the Index. This gaming system is sure to take you to a whole new world.

Running on the popular platform SteamVR and coming with features intended for developers, this next generation virtual reality headset could just be the next system to take over VR gaming.

  • Lighthouse tracking system
  • Integrated ultra-nearfield flat panel speakers
  • Optimized for field of view
  • Priced at $1600.00 for the full kit
Pros Cons
Exceptional image quality Requires powerful gaming PC
130-degree FoV Inconvenient wired connection
Comfortable and user friendly Few finger-tracking implementations

Overall, the Index has almost everything you could want in a next-generation PC virtual reality headset. The image quality it delivers is exceptional and its VR experience is fantastic with a revolutionary pair of motion tracking controllers. If you’re looking for the latest generation of virtual reality headsets the Index has proven to be one of the best you could purchase.


Best gadgets SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSDSanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD

Best portable solid-state drive

  • SanDisk
  • 500GB, 1TB, 2TB storage sizes
  • Lightweight and pocket sized
  • Water resistant
  • Universal compatibility

This lightning fast portable solid-state drive from SanDisk has one of the fastest read and write speeds, while still being able to fit into your pocket. Using SanDisk’s in house NVMe technology it dramatically increases transfer speeds by up to 1050MB/s and is fully compatible with USB 3.1.

The case ensures that your content is protected no matter where you take it and it has no problem keeping up to speed with any amount of storage tasks you have for it. The Extreme Pro works with PC’s and Mac computers alike right out of the box; making it easy to set up and very simple to use.

  • Speeds up to a lightning fast 1050MB/s
  • 34-inch x 2.26-inch dimension size
  • Compatible with all modern-day operating systems
  • Priced at $296.97
Pros Cons
Exceptional read and write speeds Rather high price tag
Lightweight and portable No power indicator light
Water resistant casing

When working with hundreds of gigabytes of data at any given point, finding a drive that can handle transferring that data quickly, and still being portable, is something that most of us want in a drive. With lightning fast data transfers the Extreme pro SSD by SanDisk handles these tasks with ease.


Best gadgets Netgear Nighthawk MK62 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 systemNetgear Nighthawk MK62 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 system

Best Wi-Fi home system

  • Netgear
  • Whole home Wi-Fi coverage
  • 6-capable mesh
  • Super-fast 1.8Gbps
  • Works with all existing Wi-Fi devices


When it comes down to providing Wi-Fi access to either the entire family or small office, the Netgear Nighthawk MK62 is up to the task. Each stream can deliver up to 8GB of download speeds over 25 devices.

This is more than enough speed to consistently stream your favourite shows, movies or games in the highest quality without having to deal with any stuttering. It’s an excellent choice for most families. You’re not likely to be using 25 devices at the same time, but for great Wi-Fi coverage the Nighthawk MK62 does a phenomenal job.

  • Up to 25 devices supported
  • Large coverage
  • Remote management
  • Priced at $229.99
Pros Cons
Delivers extremely good Wi-Fi stability across a broad area Lack of multiple units means positioning is extremely important
Utilizes beamforming to deliver an exceptional signal quality Only three wired ethernet ports
Can share connection without giving away password Quite expensive compared to a traditional router

If you have a large tech savvy family or a small office that requires high amounts of Wi-Fi internet usage, then the Nighthawk Mk62 is one of the best options to go for. This device essentially replaces your traditional home router with something higher powered and practical; giving your entire home coverage at incredible speeds.


Best gadgets Mophie 3-in-1 wireless charging padMophie 3-in-1 wireless charging pad

Best Apple Wireless Charging Pad

  • Mophie
  • Multi-device charging solution
  • Rubber stability ring
  • Wireless charging

The Mophie 3-in-1 wireless charging pad is primarily only used with apple devices; you can charge multiple phones at the same times while having a neat little place to keep them. It aims to deliver fast charging at the right amount of power to your iPhone while being stored on any desk or surface. There is also a dedicated spot for your air pod.

  • Faster than ever charging
  • Power can be sent through the cases up to 3mm thick
  • Priced at $111.99
Pros Cons
Impressive, fast charging Only marketed towards apple users
Sleek design
Sits nicely on any desk

Overall, this 3-1 wireless charging solution can be a great addition to anyone’s Apple collection and looks decent while being able to charge multiple devices at the same time. A great choice for someone looking for something a little different.


Best gadgets August Smart Lock Pro + ConnectAugust Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Best Smart Lock

  • Auto-Lock, Auto-Unlock
  • Full control with Smart Phone + Apple watch
  • Remote access
  • Guest keys

The August smart lock pro is a smart locking mechanism that can be used with most mobile devices and Apple watches. The installation process is easy, its appearance is sleek and modern while it delivers a solid app experience with many helpful features, and smart-home integrations.

Compatible with most smart home kits such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Z-wave, Nest and more. This smart lock is one of the best modern-day gadgets around if home safety is something you’re interested in.

  • Only compatible with deadbolts
  • Smart alerts
  • Lock Calibration and recalibration
  • Priced at $120.93
Pros Cons
Easy installation onto existing deadbolt High price tag
Included DoorSense sensor Few features without connect Wi-Fi bridge
Voice command capability with connect Wi-Fi bridge

One of the best smart locks around, this handy little device is great for home security, looks good and modern; while integrating with any current smart-home system set ups. A fantastic choice for home security.


Best gadgets Nintendo Switch LiteNintendo Switch Lite

Best Handheld Gaming Console

  • Nintendo
  • Lighter and portable more compact version of the Nintendo switch
  • 5-inch LCD Screen
  • Nvidia Custom Tegra processor

A newer more lightweight option to buying a console, the Nintendo switch lite is versatile, compact and has a relatively decent battery life of 3-7 hours on a single charge. The Switch Lite can play most of the games in the Nintendo Switch library that supports handheld mode, however, for games that do not support handheld mode, players can wirelessly connect any compatible controllers they own.

  • Lighter and smaller version of the Nintendo Switch
  • Great selection of colours
  • Comfortable design
  • Priced at $198.99
Pros Cons
Comfortable Design No TV output
More portable than the Switch 720p resolution
Decent battery life Limited to handheld games

Overall if you ever need a portable gaming device for either travel or leisure, this little guy can keep you entertained for up to 7 hours at a time. It’s perfect for international flights, long road trips or to just keep yourself busy while you are on-the-go.


Best gadgets Lifeproof LIFEACTIV Power Pack 20Lifeproof LIFEACTIV Power Pack 20

Best Portable Battery Pack

  • Lifeproof
  • 10,000-mAh Battery to power phones, tablets and more
  • Energy saving
  • Quick Charge

The Lifeactiv power pack is perfect for storing extra charging power whenever you need it for any of your devices. Mostly designed and built for outdoor enthusiasts or professionals, it easily charges a laptop two to three times over with enough charge for a smartphone or two afterwards.

It’s also waterproof which is a great addition, comes with a flashlight with white, red, and strobe settings, and is built for days-long treks anywhere you might go.

  • At a glance LEDs flash power level
  • Survives up to 2 meters underwater for up to an hour
  • Can safely drop 1.2 meters without breaking
  • Priced at $59.95
Pros Cons
Fast charging Cable might get easily damaged
Very reliable, waterproof Could use additional USB ports
10,000mAh stored energy

Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful device that can charge your laptop, phone or tablet a few times over, this is the option for you. It’s reasonably priced, stores tons of power, is very portable and easy to use. Say goodbye to digital withdrawal and unproductivity due to a “dead” device.


Best gadgets Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air PurifierDyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier

  • Dyson
  • Amazon Alexa, remote control and app operation
  • Oscillation
  • Sleep timer

A smart air purifier equipped with a powerful fan that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter; while providing pure air all year around. It’s quite large standing at 764mm tall with a 248x248mm base – slightly taller than most air purifiers around.

It works most optimally on a desk or on the floor. It also has a unique design that looks and performs great.

  • Provides you with real time air quality metrics
  • Jet focus control allows you to control airflow depending on what you need
  • Priced at $499.00
Pros Cons
Smooth air output Rather expensive
Great additional features Ineffective in capturing cigarette smoke
High powered fan

If you’re looking for a smart unit that allows you to remotely monitor your air quality and control the air condition in your house, then this is the purifier for you. You will mostly be impressed with the way it operates; the only downfall is its steep price.


Best gadgets Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless VacuumDyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum

Best Cordless Vacuum

  • Dyson
  • Double the suction of any cord-free vacuum
  • High torque intelligent cleaner head
  • LCD Screen

The new Dyson V11 torque vacuum is an improved, more powerful cordless vacuum equipped with a powerful digital motor, adaptive cleaner head, long battery life and an LCD screen display. It’s the top of the line in terms of cordless vacuum cleaners and comes with tons of cleaning tools.

Combined with the intelligent suction feature, the Dyson V11 is easily one of the best cleaners around.

  • 185 AW of suction power
  • Run time up to 60 minutes with Eco mode
  • Weighs 6.7 lbs
  • Priced at $574.97 for the whole kit
Pros Cons
Up to 60 minutes run time One of the more expensive models
3 cleaning modes (eco, auto or boost) Relatively small dust bin capacity
Displays remaining cleaning power in real time Not good for use in large homes

Who would have thought the day would come when a vacuum cleaner became a smart device? Well it’s not super smart, but it does tell you how much cleaning power you have left on its nifty LCD screen. Its sleek design is stylish, and it comes in a variety of colours such as Nickel and Blue, Copper or Nickle and purple. Definitely a conversation starter!

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