27 Best Website Hosting Platforms

There are many platforms which claim to be the best website hosting platforms for your office or business helping you keep organised, boost productivity while making you feel great in your work and office environment. We investigated some of the best website hosting platforms available. 


Best Web Hosting Platforms BlueHost

1. BlueHost

BlueHost is an all-encompassing platform tailor-made for WordPress and powers 2 million+ websites globally.

BlueHost offers

  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL Included
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • FTP
  • 24/7 Customer Support

BlueHost Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Basic:¬† $2.95 per month
  • Plus:¬† $5.45 per month
  • Choice Plus: $5.45 per month
  • Pro: 13.95 per month

BlueHost Website Hosting Platforms plans include

  • Domains

Track, update, transfer, purchase, and administer all domains in one place. Plus and Business Pro accounts support unlimited add-on and parked domains, subdomains, domestic and international domains.

  • Resource Protection

BlueHost technology identifies websites using excessive resources and temporarily re-assigns them to isolated systems.

  • Scalability

Upgrade in just a few clicks.

  • SSL Certificates

Powered by Let’s Encrypt, each SSL Certificate provided helps secure the connection between websites and your visitors.

  • Marketing Credits

Users will receive $100 for Microsoft Advertising and $100 for Google Ads when they spend their first $25 on a new Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads account.




Unlimited Disc Space



Bluehost does not offer free website migration services



BlueHost is a top recommended WordPress provider and provides users with all the tools needed for their website to succeed.


Best Web Hosting Platforms Hostinger

2. Hostinger

Hostinger are one of the fastest web hosting platform providers with an average page load speed of under 200 milliseconds and guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. Hostinger allows developers to learn to code and experiment with PHP, FTP, cPanel, and MySQL without any added cost. 

Hostinger offers

  • 90% discount on paid plans*

Hostinger Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Single Shared Hosting: $0.99 per month
  • Premium Shared Hosting: $2.89 per month
  • Business Shared Hosting: $3.99 per month
  • Cloud Hosting: $7.45 per month

Hostinger provides users with a free WordPress site with 1-click installation to start a blog (free of charge) in minutes. 




Excellent custom dashboard



No daily backup



Responsive Support – 24/7 multilingual (20+ language)



No Free SSL



Hostinger is super-fast and offers unlimited features not seen in most market competitors.

*Discount on price valid at the time of publication


Best Web Hosting Platforms GreenGeeks

3. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is an environmentally friendly web hosting service with over ten years of experience in the field. GreenGeeks boasts both a 99.95% uninterrupted time and load times under 500 milliseconds.

GreenGeeks offers

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 40‚Äô000+ Users

GreenGeeks Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Lite:¬† $2.95 per month
  • Pro:¬† $5.95 per month
  • Premium:¬† $11.95 per month

GreenGeeks is perfect for

  • Green Web Hosting
  • Bloggers
  • Small Business Sites
  • WordPress Sites
  • Value Hosting




Free domain name, and unlimited diskspace & data transfer



Setup & domain fees aren’t refundable


Nightly automatic data backups



Misleading (industry standard) pricing


GreenGeeks aims to provide stellar web hosting services in an environmentally friendly way.  They offer good web hosting services for both beginners and more advanced webmasters all at a great price range.


Best Web Hosting Platforms WP Engine

4. WP Engine

WP Engine is a managed hosting company that is primarily focused on speed, security, and scalability.  WP Engine is specifically built for WordPress sites.

WP Engine offers

  • WordPress Site Specific
  • Daily Back Up

WP Engine Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Startup:¬† $22.50* per month
  • Growth:¬† $86.25* per month
  • Scale:¬† $217.50* per month

(all are *starting at)

A Custom plan is available for large businesses and mission-critical sites. Interested parties can request a quote from a WP Engine sale Representative online or via phone call.




Free Data Backup and Restore



Not Applicable for Non-WordPress Platforms


Hacked Sites Fixed at No Charge


Exceeding Set Number of Visitors and Storage will Result in Additional Charges



WP Engine is exclusively focused on WordPress website hosting and while their services aren’t cheap, you get expert WordPress performance and support. 


Best Web Hosting Platforms HostGator

5. HostGator

HostGator is a well-known hosting provider that hosts over 9 million domain names. HostGator is one of the cheapest options available on the market to date.

HostGator offers

  • 24/7 customer support
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
    Plans include: *

HostGator Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Hatchling Plan: $2.78 per month
  • Baby Plan: $3.98 per month
  • Business Plan: $5.98 per month

* Check renewal rates, they are slightly higher than their introductory rates.

HostGator makes the website building process simple with a convenient drag and drop function coupled with the ability to add unlimited domains.




Unlimited Disk Space


Mediocre Website Speed



Unlimited Bandwidth


Extra Fees for ‚ÄėTrue‚Äô Backups, Gmail, and Malware



HostGator is a simple, cheap shared hosting solution but for those wanting a bit more ‚Äėoomph‚Äô in terms of speed, security and features there is better available.


Best Web Hosting Platforms SiteGround

6. SiteGround

SiteGround is a web hosting service who pride themselves on fantastic customer support coupled with a platform built on Linux containers that offer excellent stability, even with random traffic spikes.

SiteGround offers

  • Average 99.99%
  • 98% client satisfaction rate
  • 750 millisecond load times

SiteGround Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Start Up:¬† $3.95 per month
  • Grow Big: $5.95 per month
  • Go Geek: $11.95 per month

SiteGround hosts 2,000,000+ domains with a 98% customer satisfaction rate.




Unlimited Disk Space


Mediocre Website Speed



Unlimited Bandwidth


Extra Fees for ‚ÄėTrue‚Äô Backups, Gmail, and Malware



SiteGround boasts the most significant discounts on one-year terms and the industry’s best customer support team.


Best Web Hosting Platforms Cloudways

7. Cloudways

Cloudways uses a scalable cloud platform built for speed and simplicity which unlike shared web hosting offers more dedicated resources.

Cloudways offers

  • Free trial period
  • Pay as you go pricing

Cloudways Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • $¬†10¬†Per Month: Including DO Hosting Charges, 1GB¬†RAM, 1 Core¬†Processor, 25GB¬†Storage, 1TB¬†Bandwidth
  • $42¬†Per Month: Including DO Hosting Charges, 4GB¬†RAM, 2 Core¬†Processor, 80GB¬†Storage, 4TB¬†Bandwidth
  • $ 22¬†Per Month: Including DO Hosting Charges,¬†2GB¬†RAM, 1 Core¬†Processor, 50GB¬†Storage, 2TB¬†Bandwidth
  • $¬†80¬†Per Month: Including DO Hosting Charges, 8GB¬†RAM, 4 Core¬†Processor, 160GB¬†Storage, 5TB¬†Bandwidth
  • $¬†135¬†Per Month: Including DO Hosting Charges, 16GB¬†RAM, 6 Core¬†Processor, 320GB¬†Storage, 6TB¬†Bandwidth
  • $ 230¬†Per Month: Including DO Hosting Charges, 32GB RAM, 8 Core Processor, 640GB Storage, 7TB Bandwidth




No limits on the number of websites 



No cPanel


Free Automatic Updates


No email Accounts or Domain Registrations



If you are an experienced developer and want more control, Cloudways is a good option to consider.


Best Web Hosting Platforms DreamHost

8. DreamHost

DreamHost hosts over 1.5 million sites worldwide and offer both a 100% uptime and 97-day money-back guarantee.  All sites come pre-installed with a free SSL certificate and WordPress firewall for added security.

DreamHost offers

  • 97 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Three Packages

DreamHost Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Shared Starter

Monthly:  *$4.95 per month

Yearly: *$2.59 per month

  • DreamPress

Monthly:  *$19.95 per month

Yearly:  *$16.95 per month

  • VPS Basic

Monthly:  *$15.00 per month

Yearly:  *$13.75 per month

* Starting At.

DreamHost Comes Recommended by WordPress, ThemeForest, CNET, PCMag & Yoast




Unlimited Data Storage


Text Based Control Panel Not Always as Intuitive.



Unlimited Bandwidth


Many Features in the DreamHost Dashboard Cost Extra.



DreamHost offers fair prices, solid support and a very generous unlimited policy (for storage and bandwidth).


Best Web Hosting Platforms iPage

9. iPage

iPage is a hosting platform created to build, market, and grow small business websites. iPage offers low-cost offerings and easy website tool coupled with access to WordPress or Weebly.

iPage offers

  • Many Free features

iPage Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Special intro offer: $1.99 per month+
  • Regularly:$7.99 per month

The iPage builder features a user-friendly drag and drop function.




1000+ Free templates


Website builder is limited to six pages



iPage hosting is perfect for users with small websites plus they offer some convincing discounts.


Best Web Hosting Platforms HostPapa

10. HostPapa

HostPapa offers full-service web hosting for small businesses.  HostPapa services include hosting, domain registration, 400+ business apps to connect to, and both the option of an easy drag-and-drop website builder or WordPress installation.

HostPapa offers

  • 400+ business apps

HostPapa Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Starter:¬† from $3.95 per month
  • Business: from $3.95 per month
  • Business Pro: from $12.95 per month

HostPapa offers industry-leading, around-the-clock email and phone support in four languages (English, French, German and Spanish).




WordPress ready hosting


They charge for add-ons like SSL certificates



HostPapa is a good web hosting solution for users that need something that is beginner friendly.


Best Web Hosting Platforms Liquid Web

11. Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a fully managed hosting service with 24/7 customer support has an unbeatable 59-second guarantee. 

Liquid Web offers

  • Amazing customer support

Liquid Web Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

Liquid Web has 6+ different hosting options

  • Spark

Monthly:  $19

Annual:  $190

  • Maker

Monthly:  $79

Annual:  $790

  • Builder

Monthly:  $149

Annual:  $1,490

  • Producer

Monthly:  $299

Annual:  $2,990

  • Executive

Monthly:  $549

Annual:  $5,490

  • Enterprise

Monthly:  $999

Annual:  $9,990




WordPress and user-friendly plan available



Costly compared to competitors


If you need a small or medium-sized business that needs a fully-managed cloud or VPS hosting platform, Liquid Web really excels.


Best Web Hosting Platforms Kinsta

12. Kinsta

Kinsta is one of the best premium WordPress hosting suppliers in the world which offers speed, security and stability paired with an easy-to-use dashboard. Kinsta offers a tier of 10 different plans starting from $30 to $1,500 per month depending.

Kinsta offers

  • 9% uptime guarantee
  • Cloud based infrastructure


Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

Kinsta offers a tier of 10 different plans starting from $30 to $1,500 per month depending.

Optional add-ons are available (at cost)




Blazing Fast Speeds


Steep price point



Excellent tech support



No email hosting


Kinsta isn’t cheap. However, it is extremely valuable for the right user.


Best Web Hosting Platforms A2 Hosting

13. A2 Hosting

Whether a user has a blog or business site, A2 Hosting offers a unique hosting solution across 4 plans.

A2 offers

  • 9% uptime Commitment
  • Anytime money back guarantee
  • Free account migration
  • Up to 20x faster servers

A2 Hosting Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Shared Hosting:¬† R59.75
  • Reseller Hosting:¬† R149.49
  • VPS Hosting:¬† R76.31
  • Dedicated Server:¬† R1519.92

*All plans are starting at and monthly




Free website migrations & WordPress comes pre-installed


Only the Turbo plan comes with 20x faster turbo servers & A2 Site Accelerator



Unlimited storage & bandwidth


Server migration fee for changing data centres



A2 Hosting plans are affordable, and they also go big on hosting features ‚Äď speed, features, security and first-class support.


Best Web Hosting Platforms Inmotion Hosting

14. Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting is a hosting platform with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and is 15-year CNET-certified.  Inmotion Hosting offers secure servers, hacking protections, custom firewalls, and DDoS protection. 

Inmotion Hosting offers

  • 24/7 Online Live Support
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • SSD drives on all plans

Inmotion Hosting Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • WordPress Hosting:¬† $6.99
  • VPS Hosting:¬† $29.99
  • Dedicated Servers:¬† $75.69
  • Shared Hosting:¬† $6.39

* All plans are monthly and starting at.




Free no-downtime website migrations


Delayed account setup (req. manual verification)



Free automatic daily backups


No CDN is included



Inmotion Hosting is a solid, well-respected web hosting company but their pricing plans are slightly misleading.


Best Web Hosting Platforms AccuWeb Hosting

15. AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting offers shared, reseller, and VPS hosting options for Windows and Linux and is approved by Microsoft as a WebMatrix Compatible Hosting company.

AccuWeb Hosting offers

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 14+ Years of Experience

AccuWeb Hosting Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Windows Hosting

Website Hosting:  $2.99

VPS Hosting:  $10.00

Reseller Hosting:  $24.15

  • Linux Hosting

Business Hosting:  $3.09

VPS Hosting:  $12.00

Reseller Hosting:  $15.00

Cloud Hosting:  $4.79

Cloud VPS:  $15.00

Dedicated Hosting

  • US Data Centre:¬† $105.00
  • Germany Data Centre:¬† $89.00
  • Singapore Data Centre: $136.00

*All Plans are monthly/per month. (Excluding Cloud offerings)

*Cloud Hosting & Cloud VPS is starting at, monthly/per month.




Stellar up-time


Lacks unlimited email with Windows accounts.



Excellent dedicated hosting plans


No month-to-month shared hosting plans



AccuWeb Hosting offers many useful features but the dedicated hosting plans are the true selling point!


Best Web Hosting Platforms Namecheap

16. Namecheap

Namecheap hosting company with over 19 years of industry of industry experience and manages over 10 Million domains.

Namecheap offers

  • free backups*
  • free website migration*
  • 24/7 support*
  • 14-day money-back* guarantee
  • *Available with Main Packages

Namecheap Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Monthly

Datacentre location:  US (free)

Stellar: $2.88 per month

Stellar Plus: $ 4.88 per month

Stellar Business:  $8.88 per month

Datacentre location:  UK ($1 per month)

Stellar: $3.88 per month

Stellar Plus: $ 5.88 per month

Stellar Business:  $9.88 per month

  • Yearly

Datacentre location:  US (free)

Stellar: $1.44 per month

Stellar Plus: $ 2.44 per month

Stellar Business:  $4.44 per month

Datacentre location:  UK ($1 per month)

Stellar: $2.44 per month

Stellar Plus: $ 3.44 per month

Stellar Business:  $5.44 per month




Very Cheap


Plan Limitations



Namecheap a good budget hosting option for those starting with a very small website, concerned more about price than plan limitations.


Best Web Hosting Domain.com

17. Domain.com

Domain.com hosting specializes in affordable websites, hosting, email, SSL certificates, web design, and online marketing services.

Domain.com offers

  • Curated Themes
  • Pre-installed Plugins
  • Customized Control Panel

Domain.com Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • WP Starter

Integrated, Handpicked Themes

Important Plugins, Pre-Installed

Customized Control Panel for Convenience

Powerful Hosting with FREE Domain Registration

$3.75 per month

  • WP Essential

Integrated Themes, Plugins & Experience

SSD-based Super Speed Infrastructure

Deluxe Security Bundle

Personalized, Expert Support

Powerful Hosting with FREE Domain Registration

$6.95 per month




Simple hosting options with the choice of Linux and Windows OS



No month-to-month billing with shared hosting



Free domain name with all plans



No up-time guarantee


Domain.com has good shared hosting options with a choice of Windows or Linux-based hosting. 


Best Web Hosting Platforms GoDaddy

18. GoDaddy

GoDaddy provides web hosting solutions for Windows and Linux users, then assigns sites a unique DNS which allows users to find you online.

GoDaddy offers

  • Curated Themes
  • Pre-installed Plugins
  • Customized Control Panel

GoDaddy Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

Plans range from budget-friendly shared options to business hosting and more:

  • ¬†Web Hosting

Starting at R39,00 per month

  • WordPress Hosting

Starting at R67,99 per month

  • Business Hosting

Starting at R245,99 per month

  • Reseller Hosting

Starting at R585,99 per month

  • ¬†VPS Hosting

Starting at R73,99 per month

  • Dedicated Servers

Starting at R1 843,99 per month

Some features include Odin Plesk, a Windows control panel that allows you to manage servers, applications, and users. 




99.9% uptime guarantee


Limited live chat support



If you’re looking for a long-term hosting partner, GoDaddy is absolutely the right choice to consider. 


Best Web Hosting Platforms WordPress VIP

19. WordPress VIP

WordPress VIP is an enterprise-level content platform that hosts sites like CNN, People, Time, and Spotify.

WordPress VIP offers

  • One-click setup
  • Enhanced speeds
  • Customized panels

WordPress VIP Website Hosting Platforms Features include

  • Globally distributed data centres
  • Custom containerized hosting
  • Best-in-class response times
  • 24/7 operational support
  • Automatic maintenance updates and security patches
  • Hourly database backups with redundant file storage
  • A central team constantly monitoring performance




Word Class features





WordPress VIP¬†offers excellent features and support ‚Äď far beyond any competition.


Best Web Hosting EasyWP

20. EasyWP

Namecheap is one of the leading domain and hosting service providers on the internet and EasyWP is Namecheaps’ latest managed WordPress hosting service.

EasyWP offers

  • One-click setup
  • Enhanced speeds
  • Customized panels

EasyWP Website Hosting Platforms Features include

  • WordPress installed and ready to go
  • Powered by Namecheap Cloud
  • Easy Backups and Updates
  • Supports for any domain
  • 24/7 Namecheap Support
  • Free CDN

EasyWP Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

$1 Per Month

$3.88 Renews




99.9% Uptime


Better available



EasyWP is faster than standard WordPress on traditional shared hosting.


Best Web Hosting Network Solutions

21. Network Solutions¬ģ

Network Solutions¬ģ¬†offers reliable cloud-based webhosting through flexible, affordable, and reliable cloud hosting packages.¬† Network Solutions¬ģ¬†provides complete compatibility with a full range of programming languages and open source applications.

Network Solutions¬ģ offers

  • Multiple Add-ons available
  • Malware Scan and Removal

Network Solutions¬ģ Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Starter:¬† $5.69
  • Essential:¬† $7.97
  • Professional:¬† $12.63
  • Professional Plus:¬† $17.29

* All plans are monthly for a 1-year term




Excellent Support


More expensive both short-term and at renewal the competitors



Network Solutions¬ģ¬†is not the best by any means but definitely worth browsing if you aren‚Äôt looking for a major plan.


Best Web Hosting Platforms Web.com

22. Web.com

Web.com is a web hosting & website builder brand owned by the Web.com Group and owns brands like Network Solutions, Register.com and 1ShoppingCart.

Web.com offers

  • High brand recognition

Web.com Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • $1.95
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Included Website Templates




Easy drag and drop


Pricing and Plans



Web.com‚Äôs only pro is that it works alright for someone who wants a very basic drag and drop type website ‚Äď but in all honesty ‚Äď it is pretty bad.


Best Web Hosting tsoHost

23. tsoHost

tsoHost hosts over 500,000 websites from their UK base and offers steady growth and stable leadership.

tsoHost offers

  • Flexible plans and options
  • Transparent pricing
  • Free daily backups

Web.com Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • WordPress hosting:¬† ¬£3.99
  • cPanel web hosting: ¬£3.99
  • VPS hosting: ¬£19.99
  • Dedicated Server:¬† ¬£249.00

*All plans are starting at and monthly




Bonus Plan Features


99.45% Uptime ‚Äď Worse Than the Industry Average



tsoHost offers relatively inexpensive plans that offer great features.


Best Web Hosting Platforms Wix

24. Wix

Wix is a website building service that offers an attractive range of plans features.

Wix offers

  • Raft of powerful features
  • User-friendly editor
  • Smart selection of templates

Wix Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Combo plan:¬†$17/month ($13/month paid yearly)
  • Unlimited plan:¬†$22/month ($17/month paid yearly)
  • Pro plan:¬†$27/month ($22/month paid yearly)
  • VIP plan:¬†$47/month ($39/month paid yearly)
  • Business Basic plan: $28/month ($23/month paid yearly)
  • Business Unlimited plan: $33/month ($27/month paid yearly)
  • Business VIP plan:¬†$56/month ($49/month paid yearly)
  • Enterprise plan:¬†$750/month ($500/month paid yearly)
  • Wix also offers a free plan.




Multiple Plans


None noted



The range of features, premium apps, increased bandwidth and storage, and perks like a free domain offer great value for money from Wix.


Best Web Hosting Platforms Hostwinds

25. Hostwinds

Hostwinds offers a range of dedicated servers with powerful configuration options.

Hostwinds offers

  • High-spec servers available
  • Competitive pricing

Hostwinds Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Plans start at $74.25¬†

Dedicated Server Features & Services include

  • Nightly Backups
  • Server Monitoring
  • Full Management

Quality, 24/7/365 guidance is available on all plans.




Multiple Plans


No control panel as standard



Hostwinds has outdone other Webhosting companies and Their support service is top-notch and runs 24/7.


Best Web Hosting MochaHost

26. MochaHost

MochaHost is a web hosting service that provides is a 180-day money-back guarantee removing almost risk from the hosting experience.

MochaHost offers

  • 100% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • Lightning Fast Guarantee
  • Blazing Fast SSD Cloud Storage
  • Free Domain for Life & Website Builder
  • Unlimited Free SSL Certificates for Life!
  • Free Website Transfer Assistance

MochaHost Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Soho: ZAR 30.48
  • Business: ZAR 54.39
  • Mocha: ZAR 87.37

*Plans are per month




Excellent Customer focussed features


Automated backups not included



Lifetime discounts



Outdated website builder templates


For a bargain hosting company, MochaHost provides a surprisingly wide range of hosting services, from shared hosting to dedicated cloud servers.  Unlike most of its competitors, MochaHost does not hike fees at renewal.


Best Web Hosting Platforms Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub is web hosting solution for users that want to create multiple websites. The Web Hosting Hub plan is a combination of unlimited hosting features and professional website applications.

Web Hosting Hub offers

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Sub Domains

Web Hosting Hub Website Hosting Platforms pricing options available

  • Plans include Spark, Nitro and Dynamo which is available in 1-3-year terms.
  • Prices range from $7.99 – $11.99 per month.




90 Day Full Money Back Guarantee


Costs are a bit higher than comparative hosting plans elsewhere



Free Premium Website Builder



Business websites may require upgrading plans



Web Hosting Hub stands out among the best Web Hosting services on the market to date accredited to its broad range of web hosting features.

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