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📊 Capital Senior Living Corporation is a senior adult community operator. The company is one of the United States’ largest in the industry. It offers quality housing services at an affordable price. Capital’s portfolio includes more than 16 500 residents living in its 129 senior living communities across 23 states.

📊 The company provides independent living, memory care services and assisted living. Residents are offered meals, housekeeping, laundry services, around the clock staffing, social and recreational activities, transportation, personal care services and special care services.

📊 Capital Senior Living Corporation is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company employs more than 4 500 people in its facilities across the country.


  • In 1990 the company is founded by Jeffrey Beck and James Stroud when they realize there is a market in between regular housing and nursing homes in Dallas, Texas. The company offers its customers residence, transportation and meals. In the mid 1900’d the company’s revenue is approximately $20 million.
  • In 1996 Capital Senior Living Corporation is incorporated. By now Capital has nearly 5 000 residents, each paying an approximate price of $ 1,500 per month. At the time the company is the second largest in the United States.
  • In 1997 it has its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange and shares purchased totals at a price of $130 million.
  • In 1998 the company buys four retirement communities in Florida, California and Michigan from NHP Retirement Housing Partners for a price of $ 40.6 million. It also buys communities in Missouri and Nebraska, building nearly 30 new communities and expanding nine of its other facilities. Capital’s portfolio quickly grows in these years.
  • In 2000 Capital Senior Living buys a Virginia Real Estate Investment Trust named ILM I Senior Living Inc. It adds eight communities located across Nebraska, Peoria, North Carolina, Illinois, Santa Barbara, Michigan and Wichita Kansas to its portfolio. It raises the company’s revenues with more than $22 million a year.
  • Numerous more acquisitions take place during the next couple of years.


  • Capital Senior Living Corporation has a commitment and responsibility to provide high quality living spaces and services at a good price to its customers and serving them with respect and dignity.
  • The company’s goal is to offer a mentally, emotionally and physically stimulating environment to its residents, creating a relaxed atmosphere. The company provides positive earnings and long term value to its shareholders.


  • Capital Senior Living Corporation trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “CSU”.
  • Data analysis for the company’s quarterly period ending June 30, 2019 reports total assets of $ 1,328,036 thousand. Cash and cash equivalents are $ 21,698 thousand and property and equipment, net is $ 1,012,229 thousand. Resident revenue in the reported period is $ 113,126 thousand.
  • Total expenses are $ 112,923 thousand.
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