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📊 CTS Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of actuators, electronic components and sensors.

📊 The company’s client portfolio includes communications, information technology, aerospace and defense, industrial, transportation and medical markets. The company has 12 manufacturing facilities across Asia, North America and Europe.

📊 The company is a well-known, global leader with its innovative technology and services. CTS offers contacting and non-contacting pedals, piezoelectric sense products such as flow meters and ultrasonic imaging, sensors used in clutch and brake systems and transmission systems, specialty capacitors and resistors, frequency control products, thermal products as well as rotary selector and tactile switches.

📊 CTS Corporation is headquartered in Lisle, Illinois. The company employs more than 3 200 people.


  • Chicago Telephone Supply Company (CTS) is founded in 1896. Customers can buy telephones through jobbers, mail orders and local suppliers.
  • The company grows steadily and in 6 years it employs approximately 250 people. By 1902 the company finds more manufacturing space at a more affordable price and moves to Elkhart, Indiana.
  • In 1910 Chicago Telephone Supply Company offers a wide variety of telephone models. More than 20 different types of switchboards can also be purchased.
  • In the 1920’s the company re-invents some of its telephone products, like plugs, jacks and headphones, to use in the radio industry.
  • During the Second World War the company supplies telephone and radio components technologies to develop telephone field sets. It is presented with the Army / Navy Production Award for Excellence for production of more than 300 000 telephones.
  • In the 1940’s the company enters the television industry. It produces more than 7.5 million television receivers by 1950. In 1958 the company enters the data processing and computer industry. The company’s name is changed to CTS Corporation in 190.
  • It starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange in 1962. During the next decades the company buys several businesses to expand its portfolio.



  • CTS Corporation conducts business with high moral standards and value sits customer, shareholders, employees, community and environment. It follows strict Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) guidelines to ensure the safety of its communities from which it operates as well as its employees.
  • Programs are followed to minimize its environmental footprint. New opportunities are identified to improve its EHS programs and to better the company in general.


  • CTS Corporation trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “CTS”.
  • Data analysis for the company’s quarterly period ending June 30, 2019 reports total assets of $ 580,701 thousand. Net sales are $ 120,684 thousand and operating earnings are $ 17,083 thousand. The company’s gross margin is $ 41,204 thousand and net earnings are $ 11,943 thousand.
  • Cash dividends declared are $ 0.04 per share.
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