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📊 CYBG plc is a holding company for Virgin Money UK, Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank as well as B, a digital banking platform.

📊 It operates through two divisions – SME Banking and Retail Banking. SME Banking’s portfolio offers current accounts, loans, invoice and asset financing, business overdrafts, trade services, regular and online banking as well as other banking services.

📊 These are offered to structured finance markets and small, corporate and commercial businesses.

📊 The Retail Banking division offers savings and current accounts, mortgage loans, BTL loans, term deposits, overdrafts, investment and insurance options.

📊 CYBG PLC is a FTSE 250 Index company. It employs nearly 6 500 people across the United Kingdom.

📊 The company’s operational headquarters is in Glasgow, Scotland and it has a registered office in Leeds England.   


  • In 1987 Clydesdale Bank is purchased by the National Australia Bank. It then buys Yorkshire Bank in 1995.

  • In 2005 Yorkshire becomes a division of Clydesdale and the two banks start operating under the same banking licence in the United Kingdom.

  • In 2014 the two bank demerges and CYBG plc is created as a holding company. It lists on the Australian Securities Exchange as well as the London Stock Exchange.

  • The company buys Virgin Money UK in 2018 for a price of £ 1.7 billion. It licences the Virgin Money brand at a price of £12 million annually. The transaction expands the company’s portfolio considerably.

  • In 2019 the CYBG announces that it plans to change its name to Virgin Money UK plc with all its businesses merged under the Virgin Money brand.


  • CYBG plc is committed to its corporate responsibility.

  • The company creates opportunities to improve its business performance, acts with integrity and honesty as well as creating shareholder value and positive relationships.

  • CYBG values innovation, commitment and ethical business standards.

  • The company is committed to the happiness, safety and mental wellbeing of its employees.

  • It minimizes its environmental footprint and contributes to charities and communities from which it operates.


  • CYBG plc trades on the Financial Times Stock Exchange under the FTSE stock symbol “CYBG”.

  • Data analysis for the company’s interim financial report for the six months ending 31 March 2019 reports a net interest income of £ 820 million. Total operating income is £ 926 million and total assets are £ 90,155 million.

  • Gross loans and advances to customers are £ 72,670 million. Total customer deposits in the reported period are £ 61,688 million.

  • Net interest income is £ 820 million and net cash provided by investing activities is £ 4,245 million.

  • Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period are £ 10,83 million. Regular dividends are paid on its common stock shares.

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