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📊 Edwards Lifesciences Corporation is an American medical equipment company that designs, develops and markets services and products to treat late-stage cardiovascular disease.

📊 It specializes in artificial heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring. The company’s products range from tissue replacement heart valves, angioscopy equipment, oxygenators and heart valve repair to pharmaceuticals. Edwards Lifesciences Corporation is most well-known for its transcatheter aortic heart valve which is made of bovine tissue within a collapsible stainless-steel stent. This is deployed via a catheter.

📊 Edwards Lifesciences Corporation’s history dates back to 1958. The company is headquartered in Irvine, California and today it has approximately 8 500 employees. It has a presence in approximately 100 countries.

📊 The company’s subsidiaries include Edwards Lifesciences LLC, Edwards Lifesciences LTD, Harpoon Medical, Inc., Valtech Cardio, Ltd. and Edwards Lifesciences SL.


  • In 1958 Miles “Lowell” Edwards (a retired engineer) sets out to build the first artificial heart. He starts working with Dr. Albert Starr, a surgeon at the University of Oregon Medical School. After two years an artificial heart valve, the first Starr-Edwards mitral valve is designed, developed, tested and placed inside a patient successfully. This operation makes the news across the world and is termed a “miraculous” heart surgery.
  • Edwards Laboratories is born. In 1966 Edwards Laboratories is bought by American Hospital Supply Corporation and becomes American Edwards Laboratories. Baxter International Inc. buys American Edwards in 1985.
  • The company is spun-off as an independent, public corporation in 2000 and starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Today Edwards Lifesciences Corporation continues to lead in the tissue replacement heart valves and repair products as well as advanced hemodynamic monitoring. These products and services have already helped treat and manage more than 2 million patients around the world.
  • Amongst its many awards and accolades Edwards Lifesciences is honoured as one of the 2019 World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute for the third consecutive year. In 2018 it is named one of America’s Most JUST Companies by Forbes and JUST Capital.
  • The same year it is named as one of the Management Top 250 by the Wall Street Journal in partnership with the Drucker Institute. The company’s CEO, Michael Mussallem, is honoured as one of the Best-Performing CEO’s in the World by the Harvard Business Review in 2018.


  • Edwards Lifesciences Corporation’s employees are dedicated to furthering Edwards’ original 1958 vision to help clinicians, patients and their families work together to fight cardiovascular disease and critical illnesses as a united community.
  • The company commits to charitable giving and participation in philanthropic causes. It supports many health- and community-focused programs through grants from its Edwards Lifesciences Foundation to non-profit organizations.
  • The company also provides numerous monthly opportunities for its employees to volunteer in its communities.


  • Edwards Lifesciences Corporation trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE Stock Symbol “EW”.
  • In April 2019 the company reports its financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2019.
  • Sales grow 11% to $993 million – underlying sales grow 9%. TAVR sales grow 8% – underlying sales grow 10%. EPS is $1.18 – adjusted EPS is $1.32.
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