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📊 Element Solutions, Inc. (formerly Platform Specialty Products Corporation), a specialty chemicals corporation, was founded in 2013 and has its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the United States.

📊 The company was founded by Martin E. Franklin in association with Bill Ackman. It supplies and manufactures specialty chemicals for consumer electronics, communication infrastructure, industrial surface finishing, consumer packaging, the automobile industry and offshore oil production and drilling.

📊 The company’s extensive clientele use its innovative solutions to their competitive advantage as these products enable them to navigate fast-pace, high-growth markets. Its car-technology products, for example, accelerate the pace of new product development in the automotive industry, levelling the competitive field for manufacturers.

📊 Today, the company employs approximately 4 500 people across its operations.


  • Element Solutions, Inc. is a global innovator of advanced specialty chemical solutions. The company’s operating businesses formulate an extensive range of solutions that enhance the performance of a wide variety of products. The company conducts its operations through two segments: Electronics and Industrial & Specialty.
  • The Electronics segment researches, formulates and supplies specialty chemical and materials for a range of electronic hardware products. Its product portfolio includes electronic assembly materials; circuit formation products; circuitry solutions comprising circuit-board metallization products, and electronic materials. This segment caters to the mobile communications, automobiles, computer and aerospace equipment industries.
  • The Industrial & Specialty segment offers industrial solutions such as chemical systems that protect and decorate metal and plastic surfaces; graphics solutions that comprise chemical enabling printing-image transfer on flexible packaging materials, and energy solutions comprising chemistries used in water-based hydraulic control fluids for offshore deep-water drilling.


  • Element Solutions results-orientated business strategy focuses on innovation and service. The company prioritizes its customers’ success. This drives opportunities for the company’s employees and adds value for shareholders who purchase company shares.
  • The company’s value-creation mindset is rooted in a passion for innovation and an unrelenting focus on operational excellence. It navigates challenges head-on, established ambitious goals and takes calculated risks whilst maintaining the highest standards and constantly exceeding expectations.


  • Element Solutions, Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the stock symbol “ESI”. The company is a Russell 1000 component.
  • For the second quarter 2019, the company recorded net income from continuing operations of US$ 15 million and adjusted EBITDA from continuing operations of US$ 101 million. Its total revenue for 2018 was US$ 1.961 billion.
  • The company’s solid financial performance bodes well for shareholders who buy or sell company shares, as they can expect attractive dividends and returns.
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