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📊 EnLink Midstream, LLC is a natural gas distribution company. Its portfolio includes the operation of transportation pipelines, barge and rail terminals, product storage facilities, fractionators, processing plants, an extensive crude oil trucking fleet as well as brine disposal wells.

📊 The company also boasts its market and buy capabilities and a variety of assets. EnLink Midstream operates natural gas facilities, integrated midstream solutions and development of crude oil gathering systems and NGL fractionation in the Gulf Coast Region. It also has advanced condensate, gas and crude oil storage facilities.

📊 These facilities can be found across the United States in North Texas, the Gulf Coast, Oklahoma, Ohio River Valley and the Permian Basin.
EnLink Midstream, LLC’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas.

📊 The company employs nearly 1 500 people.


  • EnLink Midstream, LLC is committed to being good stewards for the environment and local communities and handles it with respect and hold by applicable environmental laws.
  • The company prevents spills and any unpermitted emissions into the atmosphere. It reduces the impact that its operations have on water, land, wildlife habitats and overall environment. Recourse uses are managed with programs and waste is minimized. EnLink Midstream has adopted technologies that enables it to improve on its environmental performance and creates opportunities for new ways to better itself in this regard.
  • EnLink Midstream takes its social responsibility very serious and supports communities in need through financial contributions. The company’s employees are active volunteers for organizations.
  • Together, with the company itself, they make positive differences in community development, children’s hospitals, domestic violence support groups, shelters for the homeless, fire departments, health and social facilities as well as numerous other non-profit organizations.


  • EnLink Midstream, LLC’s is to enhance its customers’ businesses, employees’ lives, and the communities in which it serves and provide shareholders with positive earnings. The company’s vision is to be a trusted partner and perform in all its operations.
  • It values innovation, superior quality products and services, safety of its employees and communities, excellence, high ethical standards, integrity and good relationships.
  • The company is well-positioned in various platforms and has a strong financial coverage.


  • EnLink Midstream, LLC trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “ENLC”.
  • Data analysis for the company’s quarterly period ending June 30, 2019 reports total revenues of $ 1,710.0 million. Total assets are $ 10,393.0 million.
  • Cash and cash equivalents are $ 59.0 million. Total operating costs and expenses are $ 1,656.9 million. Potential investors can buy shares now at a good purchase price.
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