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📊 Fortress Income Fund Limited is a real estate investment trust (REIT), which invests in both physical property and listed property securities. The Company’s segments include Logistics, Industrial, Office, Retail, Corporate South Africa and Corporate Europe. The Company owns and develops logistics warehouses, which are let to corporate tenants on long leases. The Company also invests in retail properties focused on transport nodes.

📊 Fortress’s equity portfolio consists of both local listed REITs and international listed property securities. The Company focuses on development of prime logistic warehousing, retail centers and strategic offshore investments. The Company’s portfolio includes development properties, industrial properties, logistics properties, office properties, residential properties, retail properties and other properties.

📊 The company has a property portfolio that includes up to 100 logistic-focused properties across South Africa, comprising 42% of its total portfolio. The rest of its property investments consist of 88.8% in the retail sector, 9.3% in the industrial sector, and 0.5% in the office sector, encompassing a wide property footprint that includes Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Kwazulu-Natal, Free State, North West, Limpopo, Eastern Cape and Cape Town. The company’s securities consist of South African-listed REITS as well as off shore companies.

📊 Fortress Income Fund was first listed as a property loan stock company on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and was one of the biggest property sector listings at the time. Today, the company trades on the JSE under the stock symbol FFA with a market cap of over R23 billion and is still one of the largest property stocks listed.


  • Fortress Income Fund has consistently reported record growth despite a struggling economy, its success based largely on its impressive property portfolio, its off-shore foreign currency equities, and its competently managed growth strategy that sees it increasing investment in CBD retail investment as well as reducing its presence in small industrial centers. One such example has been the company’s acquisition of the Weskus Mall in the Western Cape in 2015, one of the largest acquisitions in the property sector for that year, as well as its ongoing focus on extensions and redevelopments of existing properties.
  • As one of the strongest performing property holdings on the JSE, Fortress has enjoyed a flourishing share price, and data from financial forecasts predict that the company will continue to produce increased dividends. As such, Fortress shares recorded an outstanding growth of 155% in 2015 alone, while raking in record profits of R2.5 billion and a 20.29% increase in dividends, contributing to overall increases in its market cap, net asset values and liquidity.
  • The company plans to grow its logistics-based properties to two-thirds of its total portfolio by 2020 as part of its 1.5 billion expansion plan that encompasses a raft of new developments.


  • Fortress Income Fund‘s share value has continued to increase, with the live online stock charts revealing significant yields for investors who choose to purchase shares on the JSE. With the company’s share price more than doubling in 2015 alone, Fortress continues to be a strong buy with great potential for upside.
  • With the company’s strong property portfolio, increasing customer base of its retail centres, and lucrative offshore acquisitions, Fortress shares are set to produce great rewards for those who buy them in 2019 and beyond.
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