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📊 Gildan Activewear Inc. is a Canadian manufacturing company of branded clothing.

📊 The company’s portfolio includes several operating facilities the Caribbean and Rio Nance, Honduras, which manufactures private label and popular branded casual as well as athletic sports shirts and fleeces, socks and other apparel.

📊 These are distributed SilverToe, PowerSox, Gold Toe Brands, All Pro and other retail stores in the United States. Gildan is one of the largest manufacturers of socks and apparel in the world.

📊 Gildan Activewear Inc. employs more than 48 000 people and is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


  • In 1984 Gildan Activewear is founded when Glenn and Greg Chamandy purchases a Montreal knitting mill.

  • In 1997 the company’s first sewing facility starts operating in Honduras. It starts with approximately 1 200 employees. Within a year the company has its initial public offering and starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange as well as the Toronto Stock Exchange. The company is able to offer lower prices per shirt than China and it becomes popular. By 2001 the company is the leader in the industry and produces 100 percent cotton shirts.

  • In 2001 Gildan opens a new facility in Rio Nance, Honduras. The facility dyes, cuts, bleaches and knits apparel. It invests $ 15 million in Bangladesh’s Shahriyar Fabric Industries Limited in 2010 in order to achieve growth into Asia and Europe markets.

  • In 2012 the company buys Anvil Holdings, Inc., adding Anvil Knitwear to its portfolio. It produces environmentally friendly lines which is organic, recyclable and sustainable. In 2014 the company buys Doris Hosiery for a price of $Can 110 million.

  • During the next few years Gildan purchases the Comfort Colors brand and its assets for a price of $100 million as well as PEDS Legwear for a price of $ 55 million. It also buys the auctioned American Apparel for a price of $88 million. These acquisitions expand the company’s portfolio considerably.


  • Gildan Activewear Inc. operates responsibly and focusses on its three commitments.

  • It values and respects its employees and provides a safe and healthy work environment. It offers free transportation, meals and on-site medical care. The company controls operations and ensures responsible and sustainable practices are followed.

  • Gildan is environmentally responsible and committed to conserves water usage, minimize waste and reduces energy to minimize emissions.


  • Gildan Activewear Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “GIL”.

  • Data analysis for the company’s three months ending June 30, 2019 reports net sales of $ 801.6 million. Net earnings are $ 99.7 million. Gross profit is $ 222.8 million and operating income is $ 114.1 million. Adjusted EBITDA for the reported period is $ 174.5 million.

  • Total assets are $ 3,337.8 million. Quarterly cash dividends are $ 0.134 per common share.

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