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📊 Glaukos Corporation is a medical and pharmaceutical company that specializes in ophthalmic care. The company develops and commercializes surgical and pharmaceutical products to treat glaucoma, retinal diseases and corneal disorders. Glaucoma is one of the largest causes of blindness. Glaukos’ portfolio offers a micro-bypass stent is as thick as q human hair and the smallest United States Food and Drug Administration approved device ever.

📊 It is used in cataract surgeries to reduce intraocular pressure called iStent.

📊 It also offers iDose, an injectable drug delivery implant. These products are marketed in the Unites States and 19 other countries. The company has distribution associates in Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and other international countries.

📊 Glaukos Corporation’s headquarters is located in San Clemente, California. The company employs approximately 450 people in its facilities.


  • The company is founded by Mory Gharib, Olav Bergheim and Richard Hill in 1998. In 2001 Versant Ventures, Frazier Healthcare Ventures, Domain Associates and Montreux Equity Partners, amongst others, provides funding and the company raises $ 156 million.
  • Glaukos buys other businesses and grows considerably. By 2011 it receives 19th place on the Next Big Thing of the Wall Street Journal.
  • The next year the company ranks 7th on the Next Best Thing.
  • The Food and Drug Administration approves Glaukos’ iStent implant in 2012.
  • In 2015 the company completes its initial public offering and starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange.


  • Glaukos Corporation’s mission is to be the leading company in the glaucoma market with its advanced products to enhance the lives of it patients across the globe. Its vision is to offer safe and long-term patient care with quality services and affordable prices.
  • The company is committed to philanthropic missions and has donated more than 5 000 stents in 43 different countries to glaucoma patients.It has partnerships with nearly 75 organizations across the globe to which it supplies surgical devices and financial contributions.
  • Countries include Bangladesh, Belize, Cambodia, Chad, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Ghana, Fiji, El Salvador, Ethiopia, India, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Kenia, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Mongolia, the United States and Jamaica, just to name a few.


  • Glaukos Corporation trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “GKOS”.
  • Data analysis for the company’s quarterly period ending June 30, 2019 reports total assets of $ 302,085 thousand. Cash and cash equivalents are $ 39,992 thousand.
  • Net sales are $ 58,600 thousand and gross profit is $ 50,730 thousand. Total operating expenses are $ 56,970 thousand. Potential investors can buy shares now at an affordable price.
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