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📊 GrafTech International Ltd. is a petroleum coke and graphite electrodes manufacturing company. These products are used for electric arc furnace steel and several other metal productions. The company’s portfolio includes manufacturing facilities in Spain, Mexico. Pennsylvania, Monterrey, France and other locations.

📊 These manufacturing facilities produce petroleum needle coke, energy solutions, graphite electrodes, carbon crystalline as well as energy solutions for the manufacturing of silicon metal, steel, electronics and automotive products.

📊 GrafTech International Ltd. is headquartered in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio. The company employs approximately 1 400 people around the world.


  • In 1886 National Carbon Company is founded. It manufactures the first first 12-inch diameter graphite electrodes in 1914. In 1917 Union Carbide buys the company and it becomes Union Carbide’s Carbon Products Division.
  • During the 1950’s the company produces high-efficiency Award for the product’s development and production. In the next few years it develops high yellow flame carbon used for motion picture color photography and it receives an Academy performance carbon fibers which would later be recognized by the American Chemical Society with a National Historic Chemical Landmark.
  • In 1989 Union Carbide is restructured and its Carbon Products division changes its name to UCAR Carbon Company. UCAR has its initial public offering in 1995 and it starts trading as a public company. In 2002 it is renamed Graftech.
  • During 2010 the company buys a petroleum coke manufacturer, Seadrift Coke LP, as well as a graphite electrodes manufacturer named C/G Electrodes LLC. Micron Research Corporation is purchased in 2010, expanding the company’s superfine-grained graphite productions.
  • Brookfield Asset Management buys the company in 2015 and it becomes a private company.
  • In Graftech has its initial public offering of 35 million common stock shares at a price of $ 15.00 per share.


  • GrafTech International Ltd. and its highly trained employees offer unmatched solutions and services to its customers around the globe. The company provides and healthy and safe working environment for its employees and is committed to its responsibilities.
  • Its health, safety and environmental protection (HS&EP) is always kept in mind when making decisions. GrafTech conducts business with integrity and ethical standards. The company aims to provide customers and shareholders with value and positive earnings.


  • GrafTech International Ltd. trades on the New York stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “EAF”.
  • Data analysis for the company’s quarterly period ending March 31, 2019 reports total assets of $ 1,529,699 thousand. Cash and cash equivalents are $ 42,289 thousand and net sales are $ 474,994 thousand. Gross profit for the reported period is $ 279,470 thousand.
  • Operating profit is $ 263,607 thousand. Net income is $ 197,436 thousand. Dividends paid to non-related-party are $ 5,194 thousand and dividends paid to related-party are $ 19,502 thousand.
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