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📊 First registered as a public company in 1987, today Growthpoint Properties is the largest primary listed South African REIT group, with a 15 year record of uninterrupted dividend growth. The group functions as a diversified property investment holding company with an asset portfolio comprising a total value of over R100 billion. As such, Growthpoint is a leader in the property market, with a portfolio of 525 properties encompassing 6.7 square meters of industrial, office and retail space in both South Africa and Australia, including a lucrative 50% stake in Cape Town’s high-end V&A Waterfront, valued at R6.8 billion.

📊 Growthpoint is listed under the Financial Services Real Estate Investment Trust sector of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), where it trades under the stock symbol –GRT with a market cap of over R71 billion. The South African-based group has three regional offices located around the country, and employs approximately 700 people. Its growth has remained consistent, with ongoing lucrative acquisitions such as its R18.6 billion acquisition of Acucap Properties Limited and the Sycom Property fund. As a result, Growthpoint has historically enjoyed a flourishing share price on the JSE, consistently providing strong dividends for investors who choose to purchase them.

📊 The company has aligned all of its Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment reporting to the Property Charter, with an integrated approach that leverages its core business to support long-term development through local procurement, enterprise development and socio-economic development. Apart from its social development values, the company also invests in environmental sustainability with a number of solar investments and its range of green-rated buildings.


  • Growthpoint Properties has pillared its positive growth forecast on a solid management strategy of good governance, while maintaining a transparent and fruitful relationship with its shareholders and providing insightful and expedient market information. The group’s high profits have allowed it to continue making sound capital investments with strong returns, as well as reaping earnings from the sale of its properties.
  • While Growthpoint holds a solid position in the South African property market, the group has recently focused on international acquisition potential in the British and Western European property markets, as well as placing real estate investments in a number of African markets. To this end, the group has entered into equal joint ventures with Investec, a global investment management firm, in order to found a third party African real estate business. Added to this, the group has sought to open revenue streams from foreign investors through its inclusion on the FTSE/JSE Top 40 Index.
  • All in all, Growthpoint Properties sound and transparent management strategy, lucrative acquisitions and longstanding insight into the South African property market have cemented its position as a leader in the property sector while maintaining a flourishing share price, making Growthpoint a solid buy with healthy dividend yields, and recent financial data indicates that Growthpoint has distributed dividends of up to R4.2 billion.


  • While the global economy has been fairly unstable of late, the live online stock charts indicate stability on Growthpoint’s share price with continued strong returns for those who buy them in 2019 and beyond.
  • With the economy poised for an upswing, today Growthpoint Properties is set to continue its stellar trajectory while maintaining its core strength of sound management and solid capital investments.
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