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📊 LKQ Corporation is a supplier of specialty automotive parts and accessories. The company provides its services in North America, Taiwan and Europe. Its portfolio includes replacement systems, equipment, repair parts and components to recreational vehicles, trucks, automobiles and performance vehicles.

📊 LKQ has several segments through which it operates, including Wholesale-North America, Specialty, Self Service as well as Europe.

📊 LKQ Corporation’s headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois. The company has more than 45 500 employees working in its numerous locations across the globe.

📊 LKQ is a Fortune 500 as well as an S&P 500 Index company.


  • In 1998 LKQ Corporation is formed by Donald Flynn with a merger of several recycle companies from Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida and Ohio. The company grows by buying more than 220 specialty vehicle aftermarket equipment, retail businesses, recycled aftermarket and re-manufactured product suppliers.
  • One of the major purchases in the company’s history is Keystone Automotive Industries, Inc. in 2007. Keystone adds paint products, bumper covers, alloy wheels and refurbished steel bumpers to LKQ’s portfolio. The company buys automotive aftermarket parts company, Euro Car Parts Holdings Ltd., in 2011 and LKQ expands into the European markets.
  • In 2013 LKQ buys a Netherlands’ automotive mechanical aftermarket distribution company named Sator Beheer B.V. This creates the opportunity for LKQ to expand to the Netherlands, Northern France, continental Europe and Belgium.
  • The acquisition of Keystone Specialty in 2014 enables the company to add specialty automotive aftermarket equipment.


  • LKQ Corporation is proud of its sound business practices when it comes to protecting the environment and sustainability. The company is one of the world’s largest automobile recyclers. It has environmental employees to ensure the company minimizes its impact on the natural environment.
  • LKQ’s vehicle salvage operations recycle approximately 95 percent of vehicle materials. These materials include parts that can be reused as well as tires, steel and fluids that are recycled. The company only invests in businesses with a sound environmental practice and compliance. The use of the company’s paper, cardboard and packaging materials are monitored and recycled.
  • LKQ Corporation organizes employee relief when natural disasters strike. The company’s foundation contributes to disaster relief efforts that assist families who has been hit by natural disasters. LKQ offers its scholarship fund to help children of employees receive a good education and attend colleges and universities.
  • With approximately 350 sites in almost 1 500 operating locations across 20 countries, a huge difference is made with the company’s outreach efforts. Some donate materials and time to assist with local police and fire departments.


  • LKQ Corporation trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “LKQ”.
  • Data analysis for the company’s quarterly period ended June 30, 2019 reports a revenue of $3,248,173 thousand. Total assets are $12,704,236 thousand. Operating income for the reported period is $236,111 thousand and net income is $152,105 thousand.
  • Cash and cash equivalents are $375,967 thousand. Potential investors can buy shares at a good price.
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