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📊 Multichoice is the leading entertainment company on the African continent, delivering to approximately 14 million people across 40 countries. Its portfolio consists of a number of operating platforms, including DSTV, GOtv, Showmax and Dstv Now, delivered to homes using Direct-To-Home (DTH), Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and online video entertainment services.

📊 The group was first established with the launch of pay television group M-Net by Naspers in 1985. This was followed with the creation of a number of household television channels and shows, including the Supersport channel in 1986 and Carte Blanche in 1988, which served to boost the company’s ratings significantly. In 1992 M-Net made the move to diversify its portfolio with the launch of their analogue service to more than 20 African countries, forming joint partnerships with local businesses in order to ensure its operational efficiency.

📊 Multichoice was formed in 1995 in order to divide M-Net’s growing operations, overseeing subscriber management, signal distribution and cellphone operations, and in the same year Multichoice opened offices in Namibia, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

📊 Also, in 1995, Multichoice went on to launch Dstv, which introduced digital technology to Africa and was one of the first to exist outside of the United States.

📊 Today, Multichoice is the top entertainment provider in South Africa, dominating the market in which it has predominantly operated for decades, with a geographical footprint that spans nearly all of Africa.


  • To date, Multichoice is one of the fastest-growing pay-TV broadcast providers in the world. The group first listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in February 2019, where it currently trades under the stock symbol –MCG.
  • The group aims to provide value for its investors by allowing them to buy into a distinctive and unrivaled company with a 30-year track record. The company’s solid success has long been pillared on its strong financials, the flexibility of a strong balance sheet and well-developed market insight, so that this new listing is poised to deliver healthy dividends for investors.
  • Financial data has shown confident growth for the company as it continues to deliver popular content across a variety of consumer segments. The move to branch into online platforms has also proven a good response to consumer trends. Though the live online stock charts show a recent lag in the group’s share price, a turnaround is forecast as consumer spending begins to increase, with more people able to buy Multichoice products.
  • With economic conditions set to improve after the election, the company looks forward to reaping healthy returns. Added to this, continued growth and development on the African continent will see an increase in the company’s international subscriptions, setting the scene for long-term growth and positive yields going forward.


  • Multichoice has long enjoyed a strong position as a market leader with a solid reputation for delivering to its markets. The group’s diversified portfolio allows it to mitigate domestic volatility in the short-term, while a steady improvement in spending trends in South Africa will allow the company to capitalize on its investments later.
  • All in all, the group’s strong financials, market presence, and sound management strategy make it a solid buy for investors who choose to purchase Multichoice shares on the JSE today, promising long-term growth and positive returns as its share price increases.
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