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📊 NRG Energy, Inc. is a power company. The company is involved in the production, selling and delivering of electricity products and services. It offers these products and services to different markets in the United States. The Company’s divisions include Generation, Retail and Corporate activities. The Generation division includes generation and international businesses.

📊 The Retail division offers services and products to mass customers. Its Business Solutions division includes industrial, governmental, commercial and other distributed products and services. The Corporate division includes residential solar and electric vehicle services.

📊 NRG Energy, Inc.’s portfolio includes an estimated 3.1 million customers in businesses and residential homes across the United States. It employs almost 6 000 people. The company is dual-headquartered in Houston, Texas and Princeton, New Jersey.


  • NRG Energy is founded in 1989 as one a subsidiary of NSP. The company buys Cajun Electric Power Cooperative’s facilities in 2000 and it expands its portfolio. In 2006 the company purchases Texas GenCo. Reliant Energy is purchased in 2009. In 2010 the company starts to focus more on domestic electrical markets and it retreats from international markets. It buys Green Mountain Energy the same year. By 2011 the company’s generation portfolio consists of 25 135 MW.
  • NRG Energy buys GenOn Energy for a price of $1.7 billion and a year later it buys Edison Mission for a price of $2.6 billion. In 2018 the company and Cypress Creek Renewables enters a partnership where NRG Energy offers a long-term consumer solar energy project for a fixed price


  • NRG Energy, Inc.’s vision is to provide energy to all retail customers across the United States. The company has a varied and competitive energy portfolio that delivers electricity solutions to numerous industries across the nation. It invests in new opportunities to create long-term value to its shareholders.
  • NRG Energy, Inc. is environmentally and socially responsible. The company is committed to reduce 50 percent of carbon emissions by 2030 and strives to reach its goal of 90% reduction by 2050. In 2018 the company’s employees contributes more than 16 000 volunteer hours to organizations in the 42 states from which the company operates.
  • NRG Energy, Inc. partners with several organizations. The company donated 10 500 wetland plants to the Galveston Bay Foundation I order to help improve and sustain more than 200 acres of saltmarsh habitat at 84 sites around Galveston Bay.
  • Other organizations helped by the company is the annual Source to Sea Cleanup project, the Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute, Nature Conservancy as well as Biodiversity & Water Conservation.
  • The company also donates more than $500 000 and volunteer hours to Houston Food Bank’s fight to end hunger. Education, healthcare and youth centers are also contributed to.


  • NRG Energy, Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “NRG”.
  • Analysis data for the company’s quarterly period ending June 30, 2019 reports total operating revenues of $2,465 million. Operating income is $320 million and net income is $202 million. Income from continuing operations is $189 million.
  • Dividends per common share for the reported period is $0.03.
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