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📊 Prudential Financial, Inc., a multinational insurance and finance company, was founded in 1875 and is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, in the United States.

📊 The company was originally established by John F. Dryden as The Widows and Orphans Friendly Society, and later became the Prudential Friendly Society. It first product was burial insurance. The company’s history, up to about 1975, is contained in a book titled, Three Cents a Week, the title of which refers to the premium paid by its first policyholders.

📊 Today Prudent Financial Inc. offers products and services such as life insurance, mutual funds, annuities, pension and retirement investments, administration and asset management, securities brokerage services and commercial and residential real estate. These products and services are rendered through distribution networks in the financial services industry. The company operates in the U.S, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

📊 Prudential has a host of subsidiaries and collectively holds more than US$4 trillion of life insurance. It is the largest insurance company in the U.S with total assets of more than US$1.456 trillion. Its logo – which is well known – is the Rock of Gibraltar.

📊 For more than 140 years, Prudential Financial has assisted individual and institutional customers to grow and protect their wealth. It is recognized as a trusted band, and creates long-term value for its stakeholders by practicing sound business fundamentals and innovation that keeps trend with the changing financial needs of the modern world. Today, the company employs approximately 50 000 people across its various operations.


  • Prudential Financial, Inc. operates through four divisions comprising of seven segments in total. These divisions are The U.S. Retirement Solutions and Investment Management division; U.S Individual Life and Group Insurance; International Insurance, and Closed Block.
  • The U.S Retirement Solutions and Investment division operates through the Individual Annuities, Retirement and Asset Management segments. Individual Annuities designs and distributes individual variable and fixed annuity products, mostly to the mass affluent U.S market. Products include the Prudential Immediate Income Annuity and the Prudential Premier Investment Variable Annuity. The company refers to its retirement segment as Prudential Retirement. This segment offers retirement investment and income products, and services to retirement-plan sponsors.
  • U.S Individual Life and Group Insurance operates through two segments, namely Individual Life and Group Insurance. Products here include term life, variable life, guaranteed universal life and other universal life.
  • The company’s International Insurance division designs and distributes individual life insurance, retirement and related products, which includes specific health products with fixed benefits that customers can purchase. The company provides these products through multiple distribution channels to its clients in Japan, as well as through its Life Planner operations in Japan, Korea, as well as other countries such as Taiwan, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Poland and Mexico.
  • Prudential Financial, Inc. also offers asset management services for private and public fixed income, public equity and real estate, and commercial mortgage origination and servicing, through eight businesses, namely Prudential Fixed Income, Jennison Associates, Quantitative Management Associates, PGIM Real Estate Finance, PGIM Real Estate, Prudential Capital Group, Prudential Investments and Prudential International Investments.


  • Prudential Financial Inc. is passionate about assisting individuals and companies to grow and protect their wealth. The company’s ethical and sound business practices have made the company a recognized and trusted brand globally.
  • The company believes in keeping its promises and conducting business in the right way. It offers quality products that are customer-focussed to meet its clientele’s needs.
  • Its business ethos is rooted in respect for all people. Prudential believes in inclusivity and collaboration, and embraces individuals of all backgrounds as it believes that collective talents stimulate growth.
  • The company has a winning entrepreneurial spirit and conducts its business with integrity and accountability.


  • Prudential Financial Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the stock symbol “PRU”.
  • In 2018, the company recorded total revenue of US$62.992.000 billion and gross profit of US$21.315.000. Its net income was US$4.074 000 billion. This solid financial performance affords shareholders the confidence to buy or sell company shares in the expectation of solid dividends and returns.
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