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📊 The Vodacom Group is a majority-owned division of Vodafone, one of the biggest global telecommunications companies. Vodacom grew from a small South African business to become a leading mobile network provider in Mozambique, Lesotho, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Added to this, the Vodacom Business Africa division offers business services to individual companies in more than 40 African countries, with over 55 million customers in South Africa alone.

📊 Vodacom’s early growth in South Africa was also boosted by its strong support and alignment with the country’s new democracy, its optimistic Yebo Gogo advertisements establishing its place in the social consciousness of South Africa as a positive role-player in the business community. Added to this, the Group’s commitment to investing in technological growth on the continent has cemented its place as an important role-player in economic and technological development.

📊 Vodacom’s commitment to African brand-consciousness as well as its broad offering has meant that today the Vodacom Group is one of Africa’s most lucrative and influential telecommunications companies, placing itself firmly as one of the leaders in African technological development, and expanding its portfolio to include mobile, messaging, voice data, and converged services across the socio-economic range of customers.

📊 Furthermore, Vodacom’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainability makes it a smart choice for ethical investors, an increasingly important aspect of investor sentiment today. On the environmental front, the Group works with stakeholders to minimise their carbon footprint and continues to invest in energy efficiency, while currently exploring renewable energy options to power their network operations. Vodacom’s stated sustainability goals include the protection of human rights as well as the promotion of ethical practices and anti-corruption.

📊 These aspects of the Group’s corporate ethos combined with their lucrative growth both domestically and internationally have resulted in a sound and positive investor sentiment, making Vodacom a popular choice for potential shareholders.


  • Vodacom believes that its rampant expansion is largely due to its unique growth strategy, which works to set apart its customer experience from other network providers through competitive price strategies which provide customers with more value for money and prompts new customers to buy from across the range of services provided by the Group.
  • Vodacom is confident that this competitive network pricing strategy, along with the increasing demand for mobile data as smart devices become more widely used across the continent, will secure its continued growth going forward.
  • In a bid to secure its future in the growing demand for mobile technology, Vodacom has increased network investments to secure its place on this wave of projected technological growth in Africa. Included in this investment portfolio is not only technological expansion such as fibre-optic cables and device connectivity through so-called “smart appliances”, but also broadened customer services like M-Pesa (a mobile phone-based money transfer and financing service). All of these investments on the front line of growth in Africa work to secure Vodacom’s increased performance in future share prices.


  • Data gathered from live online stocks charts show that Vodacom shares have continued to show strong value for shareholders, yielding good long-term dividends for those who purchase these shares.
  • Coupled with Vodacom’s strong historical presence as well as their investment and commitment to future technological growth on the African continent, the Vodacom Group proves to be a valuable and lucrative buy for traders on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
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