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📊 Weyerhaeuser Company is a leading land, forest and timber company. The company’s headquarters is in Seattle, Washington and it employs nearly 10 000 people. Its portfolio consists of several segments including Real Estate, Energy and Natural Resources, Timberlands as well as Wood Products.

📊 The Timberland segment reforests harvested land with seedlings, harvests trees to produce lumber, pulp and paper as well as wood products. It consists of more than 13 million acres and operates nurseries and seed orchards in Arkansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Washington, Georgia, Louisiana and South Carolina.

📊 The Real Estate, Energy and Natural Resources segment handles acre properties that the company intends to sell or develop for conservation, commercial, residential or recreational use.

📊 It analyses and manages oil and gas, mineral as well as renewable energy opportunities on its land. The Wood Product segment manufactures and distributes engineered wood products, structural panels, softwood lumber and several other products.

📊 Products are provided to residential, industrial, repair and commercial markets. Building products are purchased from other companies.


  • In January 1900 the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company is founded by Frederick Weyerhaeuser and fifteen partners. They buy 900 000 acres of timberland from the Northern Pacific Railway. The company builds the world’s largest sawmill in Longview, Washington in 1929.
  • In 1959 the company changes its name to Weyerhaeuser Company. It expands its portfolio to Canada and builds its first bleached kraft pulp mill.
  • In 1967 Weyerhaeuser Company launches its High Yield Forestry Plan which involves the planting of seedlings, soil fertilization, rehabilitation of brush lands, thinning and genetic improvement of its trees. Weyerhaeuser buys 3 200 acres of Northwest Landing land in 1975. Using an urban design to create environmentally friendly habits, the company develops a town named DuPont.
  • The late 1990’s sees the company ending its mortgage banking, information systems and financial services. It expands to South America, Asia and Australia. Weyerhaeuser purchases MacMillan Bloedel Ltd., a large forestry company from Vancouver, Canada. In 2002 it acquires a Portland, Oregon company named Willamette Industries, Inc.
  • International Paper buys Weyerhaeuser’s Containerboard Packaging and Recycling business in 2008 at a price of $6 billion. In 2013 the company buys Longview Timber at a price of $2.65 billion. It expands Weyerhaeuser Company’s portfolio with 645 000 acres of timberland in Washington and Oregon.
  • In 2016 it purchases Plum Creek Timber for $8.4 billion. Owning approximately 13 million acres of timberland, Weyerhaeuser Company is now the largest United States’ private owner of timberland.


  • Weyerhaeuser Company believes in sustainability to create long term value. A cycle of growing, harvesting and planting trees forms part of its vision for the future. This cycle ensures clean air and water, renewable energy, job creation, wood supply for products and wildlife habitat.
  • The company cares for its trees and source responsibly. Forest harvest residuals (tree tops and limbs as well as bark) are used in bio energy facilities for the production of renewable energy to minimize its carbon footprint.


  • Weyerhaeuser Company trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the NYSE stock symbol “WY”.
  • Analysis data for the company’s second quarter for 2019 reports total assets of $17,029 million.
  • Operating income is $186 million and net sales are $1,692 million. Net cash from operations is $396 million. Dividends paid in the reported period are $0.34 per common share.
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